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The Evans Story.

TTo Whoever find and read this page. This is the story of my life and my actual situation. I've tried Everything else to try save my family from our financial Situation but nothing worked. This website is my last try. I thought That telling you what is going on with us right now would maybe Help and that maybe someone out there will hear our prayers. My Name is Joe Evans; I was married 2 times before my current wife Barbara. My first ex wife has my oldest boy Joey which is now 19yrs old and live with his mother. My second ex wife has 4 other Children Ben 17yrs old, Jessie 14yrs old, Abby 10yrs old and Noel 8yrs old. My current wife has her son which is 8yrs old and our Daughter Jasmin with 2yrs old. I am desperate at this time. I Thought that ex wives were supposed to still be friends as you Have kids and I believe that children needs both parents in their Lives. This never worked with my 2nd wife. She always had the Full custody of the kids which she gained with lies and schemes But I had my visitation rights which were not as good as I wish But I got to visit my children. Before I was only allowed to see My children every Saturday for 4 hours at her house. When I got Married again with my current wife Delicia my 2nd ex wife decided That I would no longer be able to visit my kids, as she did not Like (without even know) my wife. Few months has passed and Something good happened my 2nd ex wife called at Christmas time in 1999 and told me that I could pick my kids up to spend Christmas Day with us if I wanted. For us was something unusual as she is Always schemes something but we did picked my kids and had a Lovely day together. After that we talked and my 2nd wife decided That we could have the kids every other weekend which was Great But all this and thats my boys Ben 17, and Jessie 14 decided this Last October 2001 that they wanted to live with me. They talked With their mother and she said that was ok for them to do that. They Moved out of their mom's house and since October 19, 2001 they Are with us. Since they used to live in one county and we live in Another county they school wouldn't allow them to keep going There without me having to pay for tuitionís and fees. We had To visit a lawyer at the legal aid to see what could be done about It. They advised us that since their mother had full Custody we Should have to file for custody modification, that Way we could transfer the boys to a school close to our house. This really made their mother angry and at this time we Are fixing to go back to court to fight for the custody of the boys. On top of All this, the company I have been working for 6yrs Is In financial Trouble and they are trying their best to keep their employees But a lot has happend and thousands of people have got a pink Sleep. Since I work with a small group of guys that maintain their equipment we are the lasts in line to be out on the streets. All of this comes with a price of getting Voluntary Lay off until the beginning of January 2002 without Pay. We live on a 1974 mobile home, which I am buying on land Contract, Since we live on a rural zone car is extremely Necessary to get anywhere; So we have car payments with that comes Car insurance, on top of all comes all the utilities and now we Are 6 people on a 3bedroom mobile home. Very small. The house has Its own problems as the floor is bad and I have to keep adding a Piece of board here and there. This winter we have been using Kerosene to keep us warm as we can not afford to buy gas for the Furnace. Our water heater went bad and we do not have hot water So we use to put a pot of water on top of the Kerosene Heater so that way my kids can take a Warm bath. We tried to get loans, refinance my place, atleast to get away from one bill but we Have filed bankruptcy last year and at the present time our Credit looks bad. Our car:At the time of The bankruptcy I made the mistake of sign what they call Re-affirmation letter and we are forced to keep the car. We can Not trade it in for something else because they all tell us that We owe too much on it. Nobody will buy it because itís too Expensive in another words we are stocked with it.

I am behind On my house, payments my car payments and everything including Utilities. The only utility that I made arrangements on it is Electric bill so that way we can atleast keep the lights and my Refrigerator working. We had tried put all my bills on Credit Management counseling but look at my situation I am now making Liquid after taxes 465.00 a week I am obligated to pay support For my kids one ex wife is 50.00 even though my son is 19yrs old. Indiana State requires until age 21. I pay 183.00 a week to my Second ex wife and plus everything else.

We are not Having money to buy food. We have been making on eating lots of Beans and fried potatoes. My little baby is the only one that has Ramen noodles and milk to eat and drink.

We barely Have money for gasoline. I don't know what else to do. If you are Reading this and would feel like helping us out Please Send any amount of money you want to send from $1.00 One Dollar to anything you feel like sending.

please try To help us because I don't know what else to do.

If you want To help please send your kind donation to

Joe Evans

4885 East 380 South

Dupont, IN 47231

I will Really Appreciate your help so Very much.

I already Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


Joe Evans Please feel free to email us at